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Dr Lee Jones

Counselling Psychologist
Chartered Psychologist
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Specialist therapy to help you overcome sexual difficulties and move towards a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life


Relationship Therapy

Helping to navigate the challenges and problems of being in an intimate relationship


Individual Therapy

One-to-one therapy to help understand and make change when experiencing distress



Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing for distress associated with traumatic and disturbing life experiences

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

  The foundation of my approach focusses on relationships.  The relationship with yourself, with your emotions and to the people and world you engage with.  Having trained in multiple models of psychotherapy we can work together to find a way to help you move towards what is important to you

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About Me


I've been working therapeutically with clients for over a decade.  In addition to my private work I hold a psychologist post in the NHS providing therapy for clients struggling with their sexual wellbeing and health

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